Jay Wiggins

Woodworker, Evereman


Jay Wiggins has been designing and building furniture for 25 years here in Atlanta. After a two and one half year apprenticeship under furniture craftsman Jack Harich, Jay set up shop and continued study under several notable national furniture makers including Tage Frid, Stephen Proctor and Asheville N.C. Master chair maker Brian Boggs. Jay has exhibited nationally and has work in a number of collections both private and public. In 2001, Jay's work was selected as part of a survey of Amerian craft at the turn of the millenium sponserd by the American Craft Mueum in NYC. He began teaching woodworking and furniture design 10 years ago and has had several apprentices who have gone on to become accomplished makers in their own right. This series of classes, through MASS Collective, are the first being offered in his personal shop.

Jay has no upcoming courses! Email us at education@masscollective.org if you are interested in Jay's classes.